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Meet The Artists


Bethia Wedeberg

Bethia lives in Shreveport with her husband and four children. She has been painting for around 23 years and with her busy lifestyle she loves to escape in her studio in her free time. Her paintings have transitioned from elephants to the bayou sceneries that she has grown up seeing living in Louisiana. Working with thick paint and mixing the bayou with paint makes her happy.


Alex Vidos

Originally from Lafayette where she started her career over ten years ago, Alex is a self-taught artist currently residing in Shreveport, LA. Alex is a mixed media artist and painter who draws inspiration from her southern Louisiana culture and the landscapes from her years spent in the deserts of Mexico and the islands of the Philippines. Often working on large-scale canvases, Alex expresses her vision through vibrant color, movement, and intuitive marks.


Ellie Pendley

Ellie has been creating art for as long as she can remember and graduated from the College of Charleston with Art History and Studio Art degrees. Her work has evolved over the years with her surroundings that inspire her, challenges, and interests. Currently she has been painting figures, enjoying getting back to basics and the differences of how each image takes on a life of its own. Her best work is done when she is unconsciously creating.

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Casey David

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